Real Mirrorlite vs. Knockoff supplies only the orignal Mirrorlite brand premium quality authentic Glassless Mirrors that are manufactured in a state of the art production facility by a highly skilled team of engineers and workers with over 143 years of combined industry experience.

It's this crucial combination of skill, experience and proper tooling and machinery that truly makes glassless mirror manufacturing an art form in itself.

Imitation glassless mirrors are produced with inferior low cost materials, insufficient tooling and machinery and manufacturing techniques. Imitations are typically hand cut and pieced together unlike authentic Mirrorlite Glassless Mirror brand panels which are manufactured as one piece extrusions resulting in a stronger, more rigid design that eliminates warping and image distortion.

Mirrorlite brand Glassless Mirror panels are UL approved and meets military specifications.

Inexpensive imitation glassless mirrors are frequently advertised well below our manufacturers advertised price for our comparably sized mirror panels, so if their advertised price is too good to be true then it probably is.

Don't get stuck with a cheap imitation!


Inspection and analysis of a Brand "X" mirror sample revealed some interesting differences compared to the Mirrorlite Glassless Mirror product.

90-92% reflective. 82-86% reflective.
Aluminum foil backing and is UL rated with fiberglass reinforcement. Silver paper backing, paper faced and no fiberglass reinforcement. Not UL rated.
Manufacturer certified fire rated foam substrate. Non fire resistant paper facia back board.
1 piece aluminum precision notching & 1 certified welded joint. 4 pieces cut with hand saw. 4 separate low quality welds.
Poly foam cushion corners which help absorb shock(recyclable). 4 hand made corners, no shock quality. Hardwood surface - more shipping damages.
100% custom made virgin polyethylene. No residue. Pink anti-static plastic wrap for mirror may leave residue on mirror surface.


Mirrorlite Glassless Mirrors are UL - fire retardant - rated for safety. Imitation glassless mirrors that do not have such ratings should not be placed in public facilities, as they present a potential fire hazard.

Genuine Mirrorlite Glassless Mirrors display the Mirrorlite brand label on the backside. If you have any doubts about a purchase you have made from another source, email with images and we will assist you.

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